Hold Your Hoses! Are they safe?

All DIY and professional projects need quality equipment above all. Why? Because of two reasons: Safety – no business wants to see themselves involved in any personal injury claims and Efficiency – they make you look good, as if you know what you’re talking about. Take hoses for example; garden hoses flying off the rails […]

Keep Your Old Clothes Alive with Betterware

Everyone has experienced the woes of a broken zip. It could be from the zip getting caught onto something, breaking in two, or perhaps it just falls off, into a gutter to add insult to the injury. I myself have experienced the broken zip dilemma, my favourite coat now unable to keep in warmth, […]

Heated towel rails for you and your home.

Here at Only Towel Rails we specialise in heated towel rails that are perfect for you and your home. We understand how important it is to not only purchase a radiator that heats up the room but is also a beautiful accompaniment to the style and design of decor. We stock a wide selection of […]

Bathroom cabinets are able to provide storage and elegance to your bathroom.

We understand how important it can be to have a bathroom that is efficient which is why we have created our wonderful bathroom cabinets range. A bathroom cabinet can add many beneficial factors to your bathroom and can help you to achieve the perfect look and feel throughout. Bathroom cabinets are one of the most […]

Keep your bathroom warm and your towels dry during the cold winter months with a modern heated towel rail

When it comes to the chill of the cold winter season attractive heated towel rails are more than just a luxury but an absolute necessity for the maintenance of a comfortable bathroom environment, keeping your towels dry whilst providing warmth for the entirety of the room. This type of radiator has been around for many […]

Storage baskets for your bathroom.

When it comes to our bathrooms we all want to have as much space as possible however not many of us have the space that we need. Here at Only Towels Rails we have created an extensive range of storage baskets that can be placed around your bathroom sink or placed upon your walls. We […]

Add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom with a heated towel rail

Many people all over the world are now choosing to have heated towel rails in their bathrooms. They are great because as soon as they are finished in the bath or showers they can reach out and get their towel that is nice, warm and comforting for them. Having warm towels really can be a […]

Ensure your towels are soft and warm for when you get out of the bath

When people are looking to add extra warmth to their bathroom at home one of the main option in which they consider is a getting a bathroom radiator. This of course is not a bad idea and is the most common solution that is currently used. Although this is great option and proves to be […]

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